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The Public General Data screens allow the Player to check public known information of the game they are playing.



Whether some information is public or not is indicated by a field called Visibility which is set by the GMs. Public data can be seen by anyone, while Game Master data can only be seen by Game Masters.

In some data, like Holdings for example, there is a third value, called Owner. Data marked with Owner can only be seen by the owner and the Game Masters. This is useful for example to represent hidden holdings, or trade routes, or military units.

So, any information which appears in these screens it is because the GMs marked it as Public. There is another section called Private Game Data which contains information which is marked as Owner (so only the Player that owns it can see it).


This screen is used to check characters in the game, their emails to contact them, which domains they rule,...



This screen is used to check general information about the game domains.


If you select a domain, you will get a new screen showing more detailed information about the domain provinces and holdings.


Game Information

In this screen you can find announcements or general rules about the game.



This screen can be used to see which mercenary companies operate in the game, and their composition.



In this screen you can find the information about the other players of the game, their contact information, characters, domains,...



This screen shows the domain information of all provinces in the game. Domain information is "masked" (real values are not shown) so players can know some approximate details of where other players have holdings, but not the exact values.


Continued on Private Data screens.

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