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The Private General Data screens allow the Player to check the data of the domains, characters,... that he controls.



In this screen the player can see information about his armies.


Using the lens icon the player can check detailed information about the selected army, its units, experience,... It is also possible to add some public information to the army that any player will be able to read.



This screen is used to check the characters under your control.


You can also create new characters, check the Creating Characters section for more information.


This screen is used to check the domains under your control. Most players will only control one domain, but sometimes more than one domain will be under your care.


The detailed view contains several tabs to show the information of the different parts that make up a domain.

  • General contains general information, including information that will be accessible by other players (the Coat of Arms and the Public Information).
  • Provinces contains the list of provinces owned by the domain. Only landed domains contain provinces. If you are the owner of a province, you will be also able to see the trade routes that start or end on that province.
  • Law Holdings contains the list of law holdings owned by the domain.
  • Temple Holdings contains the list of temple holdings owned by the domain.
  • Guild Holdings contains the list of guilds holdings and trade routes owned by the domain. You will be also able to see trade routes of other guilders in the same province as you.
  • Source Holdings contains the list of source holdings and ley lines owned by the domain.

Domain Turns

This screen is used to check the domain turns you have performed.


You can also create new domain turns, check the Creating Turns section for more information.


In this screen you can check the notifications the Game Master has sent to you.


Scout Report

This screen will show the scout report informing you of armies in your territories or surroundings.


An army is visible if it is in a province that you control, or where you have a holdings, or if it's adjacent to a province where you have a unit with the scouting ability. You can see some information about the composition of the armies you scout.


Special Land Units, Sea Units, Realm Spells

These three screens will show special units and spells that have been researched by your characters and domains.

Continued on Creating Characters.

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