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Right now Birthright Campaign Manager uses SQL Server. While it's a great database, it's a 75MB download and a long install in the end user machine. One easy improvement would be to use SQL Server 2012 LocalDB which is around 40MB and I think it has a much simpler install process. But the best improvement would be to move to SQlite (or another single file DB like VistaDB, SQLCE,...).

First, it would be needed to make sure this is possible. Then, this would require porting the DB SQL script autogenerated by LightSwitch for SQL Server to the chosen database. This is a big task, as the script right now sits at around 8000 lines of sql (there are lots of tables, stored procedures,...).

Also, we would need to figure a way to handle updates elegantly as the DB schema will evolve with time (new tables, fields,...).

Silverlight Map

One of the most interesting improvements for the tool would be adding a Map control that allows the users to consult and edit data directly in a game map. Other features would be allowing the GMs to move characters and armies using drag and drop, show information in layers (roads, trade routes, ley lines,...).

This would need to be a custom Silverlight control that would work with a map defined as a (very big) image. The GMs would need to define province boundaries by hand, relate each boundary to a province in the database, and then allow users to interact with that data.

Another alternative would be to use GIS data to build the map for Birthright, but I have no knowledge about that.


All the UI for Birthright Campaign Manager has been done by a programmer, with a lack of knowledge for designing good interfaces. I am sure this could be improved, and a designer could surely help improving the general usability of the tool. Extra points if the designer knows Silverlight and Blend as probably some improvements would involve writing some custom controls. Or maybe it would be enough searching for a controls suite and replace some LightSwitch controls for the suite controls.


While Birthright Campaign Manager aims to be a simple tool, there are a few things that need explanation. I have written some help in this page, but it would be great if a person could expand and finish all the subjects. A nice extra would be generating some document (pdf, chm,...) that could be distributed with the program so it could be checked offline by users.


Birthright Campaign Manager comes with some datasets that contain data for Birthright related to the official 2e version, the fan-made 3e version, and the Legacy of Blood and Warmachine rules. The datasets are right now incomplete and I could use a hand in completing them.

This requires no technical knowledge of the tool, just patience to write all the data (specially provinces).

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russtarvin Sep 15, 2015 at 5:58 PM 
SVG is the best bet for the map. I have spent hours trying to find a way to map Birthright.

russtarvin Sep 15, 2015 at 5:58 PM 
On your SQL, change projects to the SSDT controller for the project. I would suggest going to visual studio latest and doing most of it there.