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Character Submission Process

When you check the characters in the game, you will see they have a State column.


This column can have four values:
  • Created: the character has been created by a player.
  • Submitted: the player has submitted the character for GM approval. The player can not edit this character any more.
  • Rejected: the GM has rejected the character for some reason and the player has to make changes to address the problems.
  • Accepted: the character has been accepted by the GM and it's approved for play.

To do this actions, the GM should use the edit button on a character.


As you can see, there are new buttons on the top bar that allow you to reject or accept characters. You can also send notifications to a player to inform him of something you deem important. You can consult all the notifications in the Notifications screen (and check if the player has read them or not).

Turn Submission Process

Like characters, Turns have also a State column.


The values in this case are:
  • Created: turn has been created.
  • Submitted: the player has submitted the turn. The player can continue to make edits to this turn until the GM closes it.
  • Closed: the turn has been closed for resolution by the GM. No more edits are allowed by the player.
  • Resolved: the turn has been resolved and it's effects in the game have been applied. Probably the GM will have left information in the turn about the actions and their resolutions for the player to make sure everything is correct.

To close or resolve a turn, just edit it and you will see some buttons on the top menu.


These buttons will allow you to modify the turn state, and to send notifications to the player if needed.

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