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Local and Web Games

There are two types of games that can be managed by using Birthright Campaign Manager.
  • Local games: these games run in one computer, usually the GM computer. You will need to be able to access it physically to do your turn. This is aimed for small private games between a group of friends that meet to play on a table.
  • Web games: these are play by email games, where lot of people around the world play together. You will need the know the web address where the game is hosted to join the game.

If you are joining a web game, you will need to install the Silverlight web plugin (similar to Flash). You can download it automatically from here:

The list of supported browsers and operating systems can be found here:

If you are a Linux user, the tool may work with Moonlight, but i has not been tested on that platform.

First Login

When you try to log to a game (does not matter if it's local or web, the interface is exactly the same), you will see this:


You will receive the username from the Game Master. If you do not get told what your password is, the default one is: changeme/123

Once you login, you will see the following UI.


The interface is divided in several distinct parts:
  1. Top Menu: which contains two buttons right now used to Save data (when you edit something like your character description) or refresh data. You should use these buttons very little in general. In some screens you will see some extra buttons, related to characters and turns submissions.
  2. Left Bar: the application Menu, where you can see the different screens that compose the application grouped into sections. These sections will be explained in the next pages of the guide, although their names give some information about their functionality.
  3. Active Screen: this space will be occupied by the active screen you have open. Right now there is no one, but as soon as you click one screen on the left, it will open here.
  4. Logged User: you can do some administration of your own user here. Right now, the only thing you can do is change your Password, feel free to change it, but remember that all passwords need to have at least one letter, one number and one symbol.
Continued on General Data screens.

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