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You can create new characters in the Characters screen in the Private Data section, using the green plus button.


Once you click it, you will see the Edit Character screen where you can put all this character information. Fields that are in bold letters are mandatory.


The interface to create a character is divided in several parts, the first part is the Main Information, which contains the character main values, skills, classes,... If you need more detail about a character (for example, Feats if you are playing 3e), you can also attach a character sheet generated with a program like PCGen.


The next part is the Domain Information. You can not set the domains ruled by the character from here, that will be set by the Game Master.


Last there is an Extra Information tab. That last tab contains the public information of the character, which all the players will be able to read, and also some owner information which only the owner or the Game Master will be able to read.


Once you have written everything about your character and saved it, you can Submit it for Game Master approval.


A submitted character can not be edited or interacted with. If you try to edit it you will see everything is disabled.


The character will not appear either in the Public Data Characters screen. Until the Game Master acts, is like this character has been frozen.

The Game Master can do two things with a submitted character: accept it, or reject it. Either way, you will get a notification informing you of the Game Master decision.


If the character has been rejected, the Game Master will probably inform you in the notification of why and what has to be changed. You will need to edit the character and submit it again until the Game Master finds the character acceptable.

If the character has been approved, you will be able to do minor edits on it from now on without the Game Master permission: upload a new character sheet, and change the public and owner information.

Continued on Creating Turns.

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