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Important: the Traits and Modifiers system is planned for version 2, so right now everything related to them is not used by the tool. Some screens will show them, but they do nothing for now (work in progress).

What is "General Information"

Usually when playing a Birthright game, players and GMs need to constantly check for an external website or sources about the exact rules used in the game. In Birthright Campaign Manager, that information is self-contained in the tool, and it is spread over the Character General Data and Domain General Data sections. This allows GMs and Players to check anything they may need without having to hunt for it.

The screens in Character General Data hold information that is related to characters and their creation.


The information on each specific section is self-explanatory.

Domain General Data screens on the other hand contain basic domain level information.


Actions represent the Domain Actions allowed in the game, and Provinces is the list of provinces present in the game, whether they are settled or not. The other sections are self-explanatory.

Continued in Public Data screens.

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