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Important: the Traits and Modifiers system is planned for version 2, so right now everything related to them is not used by the tool. Some screens will show them, but they do nothing for now (work in progress).

What is "General Information"

Usually when playing a Birthright game, players and GMs need to constantly check for an external website or sources about the exact rules used in the game. In Birthright Campaign Manager, that information is self-contained in the tool, and it is spread over the Character General Data and Domain General Data sections. This allows GMs and Players to check anything they may need without having to hunt for it.

The screens in Character General Data hold information that is related to characters and their creation.


Most of the sections are self-explanatory, but Realm Spells deserve a minor comment. Realms Spells have a special field called Researched by, which indicates who is the character that has researched a new Realm Spell (if that is allowed in the game by the GMs). Usually, such a spell will have its Visibility set to Owner so only that Character can see it.

Domain General Data screens on the other hand contain basic domain level information.


Actions represent the Domain Actions allowed in the game, and Provinces is the list of provinces present in the game, whether they are settled or not.

Land and Sea Units have a similar Researched by field as Realm Spells, and it is used to represent custom domains units. The world of Birthright is full of them: the Iron Guard, the Guardians of Mhoried,...


Provinces are a little special on their own. If you have been playing with the tool to see the different screens, you may have realized there are two Provinces screens: one in Domain General Data, and another in Game Data.

Provinces at the Domain General Data level are just plots of land, which a region, a name, and a terrain. While Provinces at the Game Data level are fully fledged with information: population, holdings, armies,...

When you create a province in the Domain General Data section, an empty province automatically appears in the Game Data section.

Provinces have also a list of other provinces called Neighbours, which represents the adjacency between provinces. This information is used in the Scout report, and it is useful when moving armies around the world.

Continued in Game Management Screens.

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