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Game Management screens is the core part of the applications and are used to administrate a game of Birthright. The GM will expend most of the time in these screens making changes that reflect the results of actions the players and NPCs take in the game.



This screen is used to manage armies in the game. Armies are just group of land units, sea units, and characters that move and fight as one around the world. When a new army is added or edited, a new screen will appear for the task:



This screen is used to manage characters (including characters submissions) in the game. A character can be blooded, unblooded, rule domains or not, be the lieutenant of other characters,...

When adding or editing a character a new screen will open.


Birthright Campaign Manager only holds very basic information about a character, so if your game requires full character sheets, it is recommended to create them with another program (like PCGen for example), and then attach that character sheet to the character. The GMs or the owner will be able to download that character sheet to work with it (make changes, consult,...).


This screen is used to manage domains in the game. Probably the most used screen in the whole tool, so it is important to familiarize with it. When adding or editing a character a new screen will open.


This screen has several tabs, each one with some information about stuff owned by the domain.
  • General Information: some common information about the domain.
  • Provinces: this tab shows the list of provinces owned by the domain. This is useful for landed domains (realms), as other domains usually do not own provinces at all.
  • Law Holdings: this tab shows the list of law holdings owned by the domain.
  • Temple Holdings: this tab shows the list of temple holdings owned by the domain.
  • Guild Holdings and TRs: this tab shows the list of guild holdings and trade routes owned by the domain.
  • Source Holdings and LLs: this tab shows the list of source holdings and ley lines owned by the domain.
  • Armies: this tab shows armies owned by the domain (regular and mercenaries).

Domain Turns

This screen allows the management of domain turns (including turn submissions).


Game Information

Character General Data and Domain General Data screens hold most common game information. Yet not all information can be contained there as games will probably have some house rules not covered on those screens. Or sometimes a GM will want to make an announcement regarding the game that is important to all players, like for example when will be the turn deadline.

The Game Information screen is used for those tasks. When anything is created or edited in this page, a notification will be send to all players in the game about it. Just consulting information will not send any notification though.



Notifications are messages sent by the GM to the players when something important happens. They are automatically generated in character and turns submissions, or when editing game information. A GM can also sent a custom one to a player from this screen.


Notifications will be flagged as read when a player has opened it, so a GM can be sure whether the player checked it. It is recommended to delete old notifications from time to time.


Screen used to manage players, please refer to the specific players section, as this task has a few special considerations.


This screen allows to manage domain provinces.


This screen will present all the data related to the selected province, and follows the same tab organization as the Domains screen.

Important: it is not possible to create a new Province from this screen, that has to be done from the Domain General Data->Provinces screen (the new province will automatically show on this list when it is created there).

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