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Turns are created using the Domain Turns screen in the Private Data section. You can add a new turn using the green plus symbol.


When you create a new turn, you have to select the Domain for the turn and the turn number. If you control several domains, you will need to input a turn for each domain separately.

In the main screen you will see general information of the turn, and you will be able to give some general instructions to the Game Master for when the turn is resolved (contingencies, or any other information).


The turn interface has a tab for each Domain Round. You can input the actions for each round on each section, as some extra information that only applies to that given round.


Once you have finished your turn, you can Submit it to the Game Master using the Submit button on the top of the interface. This will mark the turn as submitted so the Game Master knows that he can close it for resolution.


You can make any change you want to a submitted turn, but as soon as the turn is closed by the Game Master you will not be able to do anything with it.

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