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Birthright Campaign Manager contains a lot of screens that will allow the GMs and the players to handle and read the data of the game. These screens are grouped so they are easier to use.



Ideally, the tool should support different types of rulesets as Birthright games tend to change domain rules from game to game. There are two types of changes that can be done to the rules.
  • General changes - for example how trade routes income is calculated, how many regents are allowed in a province,... These changes tend to be pretty uniform among all rulesets and can be stored in a single table and edited with the same screen.
  • Specific changes - for example units stats, province and holding income,... These changes are so different that is very hard (or impossible) to hold the data in the same table, so there is a need to create different tables and screens for each ruleset. When creating Administration Roles for players and GMs, the correct permission should be given to them so only the needed screens appear in the interface.

Data Validation

The tool can take two approaches about data validation (not decided yet): enforce it or not. If data validation is enforced, then for example ruling a holding to level 5 in a level 4 province should fail. If not, those things have to be controlled by the GMs to make sure the game data is consistent.

To be clear, enforcing data integrity at all levels is a pretty crazy affair. So in the end it is decided that data validation should be enforced, it will be enforced at a basic level at the start, and then expanded little by little.

Data Export

The tool is designed to be used as the main form of handling and consulting information for the game. But it may be interesting to allow the tool to export game information in some format (.html, .pdf,...) so it could be hosted somewhere, sent to the players by email,... This would help in private games or in cases where hosting the tool publicly is not possible.

One possibility for this would be using a Reporting control from a 3rd party company (DevExpress). They cost some money, but they would give the tool very nice export capabilities.

Map Support

Birthright games need maps to be played. Most of the times, these maps are scanned copies from the original Birthright Campaign Setting maps, and then uploaded somewhere so the players can consult them. Some games go a little farther and add a layer on top of the map that allows to consult information from it. LightSwitch has no native support for maps apart from showing images, but there are fairly advanced map controls from some 3rd party vendors (Infragistics, Telerik) that allow to do crazy stuff with maps (they are not free, but well).

The problem is that those controls are designed for GIS style maps, not for images, so it would be needed to create a new Birthright map using those file formats. I have honestly no idea about the difficulty of that at the moment nor the tools involved on it.

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